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is under way this morning this hour for a massachusetts teen accused of killing a teacher, a grand jury indicted 14-year-old philip c s chisholm yesterday. ical lecnn has been covering th story from the beginning and pamela brown is covering the case. >> you're right christine and john. i was in danvers right after this teacher was murdered and it really stunned the community and now we're learning more horrific details in the story. we have obtained the murder indictment, we obtained that yesterday for 14-year-old philip chisholm. he'll be tried as an adult in superior court for that charge and we're also learning he faces two additional charges for aggravated rape and armed robbery. as of now he's charged as a youthful offender for those. the armed robbery indictment alleges that chisholm armed with a box cutter robbed her of her credit cards, cash and underwear. he sexually assaulted her with an object, this is new information we're learning and this story from the beginning has been so devastating, so horrific, and it's just -- >> it's a teacher that everyone really loved and a com
in watertown, massachusetts right now. correspondence ed lavandera is standing by as is our own john king. give us a quick thought, gerald. let's start with you. this is the hour testifies shot exactly 50 years ago today. >> wolf every minute that pas as we're talking right now, there is something taking place 50 years ago in the setup to the assassination. just a few minutes ago, three of oswald's coworkers in the texas school book depository decided to go downstairs for lunch. one of them said are you coming along to him? he said no, send the elevator back up and they went down. then the next few minutes as the president's coming down main street, it's lee harvey oswald taking some boxes and starting to form the sniper's nest that police will find after the assassination. so the leadup to 12:30 when the president is killed is filled with the time for the preparation, for the killing by oswald. we're passing those every moment as we're speaking right now. >> david kaiser, give me a quick thought as begin our special coverage this hour. you spent a lot of time academiciancally studying this mom
that brought the fbi to a small town. >>> but first, chilling new details in the murder of a massachusetts teacher next. vo: it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare >>> there was a note found next to the body. philip chism has been arrested for murder, rape, armed robbery. he will be arraigned december 4th. >>> an eighth student at princeton university is being treated for meningitis. investigators are test to go see if she has the same rare bacterial strain found in seven other cases at the school. princeton officials plan to provide students with a vaccine. it has been approved in europe, not the u.s. >>> people signing up for obama care will have more time to do so. obama administration is extending deadline by one week, giving americans until december 23rd to si
, that enrollment in the first month would be low. that is the experience we saw in massachusetts. and it is the experience we expect here because especially for healthier younger people, the pattern of behavior is to shop around to wait before you purchase when you don't have to purchase before december 15th in order to have insurance on january 1st, which the earliest possible date for coverage. we expect that pattern to play out with the marketplaces in the affordable care act. secondly, the fact that the website has been so challenging and so problematic in that first month means that the enrollment numbers will be even lower than expected. beyond that, i don't have specific figures. i have not seen specific figures. but i anticipate we will be releasing data about enrollment by the end of the week. >> but you don't have a specific date? >> i do not. mark. >> thanks, jay. the president spoke last week about gaps and problems with the rollout of the website that need to be fixed. what are those gasp and what fixes would you -- >> well, he was referring to, and i'll quote, "i've
someone who was an adviser involved, jonathan gruber, an economics professor at the massachusetts institute of technology and behind the massachusetts health care plan, romney care as you may know. so mr. gruber, professor gruber, these numbers are rather disappointing, i would think. do you think that the administration is going to be able to get the website up and running enough to make the 7 million enrollee projection needed by the spring? >> you know, i don't agree with the characterization it's disappointing. i think they're meaningless. look, when we open our system in massachusetts the first month the people could pay premiums and enroll, 123 people enrolled. by the end of the year, it was 36,000. that meant we got .3% of the people the first month. by that state the federal government did great, 1.3% of the people the first month. it's too early to say anything useful. the real deadline we have to focus on is march of next year. that's when the individual mandate kicks in. that's when people need to be signed up and what we saw in massachusetts was a large rush before the
. >>> it's the drug scandal that rocked the massachusetts justice system. a chemist mishandled sensitive evidence that was affecting thousands of state criminal cases going back a decade. we'll have that next number hey, i notice your car yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ >>> if you haven't heard this story, it is staggering in what the impact what may be. a former mches state chemist is on her way to prison for faking test results. she pleaded guilty to 27 counts yesterday including tampering with evidence, perjury, obstruction of justice and f
massachusetts. so is the president being up staged by all of this criticism? >> no, i think this is sour grapes. another example of republicans overplaying their hand when romney had a very similar plap imp lechlt implemented in massachusetts. most of the people went on to the medicaid program. it's very simple what's happening at the federal level. keep in mind, it does not affect 80% of americans. another 30% through medicaid or through the military: only 20% of americans don't have insurance or get their snurnsz in the individual markets. that's the 20% that would be eligible. that's a pool of approximately 60 million people. what they need to get these exchanges to work is prrksly 7 million participating. all of the analysis shows certainly for the uninsured this is going to be a far bet eer deal right now, everyone for the 15 million. kaiser says they're going to get much, much better deals for most of them that premiums are lower. 47% of americans like obama care or wanted stronger. only a 35 wanted to go to the republican plan which is go back to the status quo before obama care. so i t
. massachusetts teaches us some important lessons, some states are not going to want to follow. one lesson is health insurance is more expenlsive in massachusetts than anywhere else in the country. >> romney says obama care is a "one-sized fits all plan. he believes states should craft their own health care plans. >>> well, the web site is back up. the site was down for extended maintenance to correct problems. the outage lasted about 12 hours. also, you can use a toll free number to sign up for hemt insurance. president obama weighs in today for terry mcauliffe. obama joins former secretary of state hillary clinton who have lent a hand this week. cnn's erin mcpike. >> reporter: the virginia's governor's race is always an off-year election. i wanted's always the year before the midterm election. so political watchers on both sides of the aisle pay close attention for what kinds of trends it can show them leading into the midterm elections. right now, democrats are hammering republicans. take a listen to what president obama said earlier today when he was trying to link ken c
. rachel nicholas is live in foxboro, massachusetts as the denver broncos and the new england pay trots get set to battle it out. rachel? >> yeah, it is well, well below freezing here. that is not going to stop what has become one ocf the nfl's to quarterbacks. we'll have everything you need to know after the break. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) is caused by people looking fore traffic parking.y that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted. streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years, we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot and then there's a mesh network that takes this information sends it over the internet so you can go find exactly where those open parking spots are. the collaboration with citi was important for providing us the necessary financing; allow this small start-up to go provide a service to municipalities. citi has been an incredi
of massachusetts and boston households. i covered the kennedy family throughout my career. they had a cautious choice to have no representation at the ceremony today. they don't like to talk about the assassination of kennedy. you mentioned jean kennedy smith at arlington to. ethyl was there on wednesday. look at this one, caroline kennedy, the surviving daughter of jack kennedy's family, she moved to tokyo recently to become the u.s. ambassador, and make no mistake about the timing. she went there just in recent days. she wanted to be out of the country and starting her new job so she didn't have to be part of this. but i will say here in dallas, you mentioned, they had the reputation of the city of hate. it's been a hard time for the city and the city deserves credit for the respectful ceremony despite some adverse weather conditions. >> it was beautiful. thank you so much in dallas. from the president to the former first lady, jacqueline kennedy. she was known really around the world for her exquisite taste in fashion. but it was that pink suit, one of her favorites, and she was wearing tha
in massachusetts with fewer website problem. >> they need 7 million people signed up by the spring. president obama today was saying that he did not think that this would happen with individuals kicked off their plan. he knew some plans wouldn't meet standard but go on obama care and find better deals. if you look at what was in the federal register, if you look at president obama's own comments from the health care forumhe kn lose coverage, whether they liked it or not. can you explain, as an architect of a similar plan and somebody who helped write the affordable care act, what was supposed to happen with those 7 to 9 million americans who were going to be kicked off the plan whether or not they liked it or not? >> first of all the number's like 6 million. millions of people whose plans wouldn't qualify. the idea is if they were low income they'd be able to go into the exchange and get tax credits and they will once the website is working and they can see that. the concern people have losing plans would be offset by seeing beneficial tax credits they'd get. some people who had substandard plans w
, massachusetts. good to see you. so president obama is calling this an important first step. is it to you? >> i think we're all rushing. >> in the last three months, we've made more progress than in three decades. and we have a nuclear program that absent a deal would just grow and grow and grow. you know, we need a bill that caps that. i think that's a first step and we'll probably be followed by a comprehensive agreementment. >> so secretary kerry says this isn't a plan that dismantles iran's senter fujs. do you believe that? >> i think it's almost unprecedented to have daily inspections of their sen tra fuj. the u.s. doesn't submit to that. france doesn't submit to that. iran is willing to do that. i think that's very useful. the more transparency there is, the more confidence we can have. that was our number one worry. now, that's over and you cannot make a nuclear weapon. so i think that's a win. >> why is the climate right for iran's foreign minister to be part of these talks with u.s. secretary of state and help broker this deal? >> great question. now, we've had some opportunities in th
at massachusetts, which under governor romney introduced health care reform plan very similar to what the president is introduced here and in their first month of enrollment only 123 people enrolled for premium paying plans in massachusetts. they had massive enrollment toward the end of the enrollment period. we always expected enrollment figures to be low. we were saying that before october 1st, obviously the website problems have made it worse but that's why we're working every day because the website is just a means to an end. the end here is getting affordable health insurance to americans who haven't had it in the past. >> the administration has called in experts from google and other tech giants to help fix the obama care website and say the site should be fixed by the end of november. >>> here is something for you to consider if you're going over open enrollment options for your health insurance. the obama administration is loosening rules covering flexible spending accounts. cnn's christine romans joins us from new york with more. good morning, clis teen. christine. >> good morning, carol.
privacy advocates are concerns. senator markey from massachusetts introduced legislation to ensure that privacy is protected if and when this all starts to take off. >> what's the reason, major reason, behind this push for integrati integration? >> they look at these things as the next phase of flight. talking about innovation here. and so that also means revenue. if you think about it for a company itching to use a so-called drone, they may argue that they'll be able to deliver goods to customers like yourself a lot cheaper than delivering it using maybe, you know, delivery person and doing it by ground. of course think about fuel. for them and for many companies it's all about the economics, the bottom line. >> whole any world potentially out there, drones or unmanned air craft. this could fly if it had the batteries. >> yes. it f. it had the batteries it would be hovering like us just like this. >> good work. >>> a new report today that's shedding more light on how personal date taps collects by the government as part of counterterrorism intelligence gathering operation. "the ne
in the killing of a popular massachusetts math teacher. colleen was found dead outside her school in october. alexander field has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the details are disturbing according to a search warrant affidavit. it shows her 14-year-old student following her into the bathroom, donning gloves and a sweatshirt with a hood up. he's seen walking in and out of the bathroom several times. 30 minutes later, he wore a black face mask. her body was found in the woods next to a handwritten note saying i hate you all. ritzer had been raped with an object. according to the affidavit, when he was picked up, he was found with a bloodstained box cutter, a pair of her underwear and credit cards. he was visibly upset the day before during a conversation where she started talking about tennessee, a place he used to live with his parents before they split. it was a stressf fuful divorce. no motive was mentioned. >> we are devastated and heart broken by the details of the circumstancings surrounding the death of our beautiful daughter and sister. he's charged with murder and will
, massachusetts. patriots taking on the broncos. that is tom brady versus peyton manning, if you didn't know. cnn's rachel nichols is inside gillette stadium. rachel, why don't you just explain to us, why is this game so important? >> reporter: yeah. a rivalry between quarter backs in the nfl that we haven't seen for a long time. you have the most popular position with the most popular game in the country. and the history is so graed. tonight is the 14th time they are meeting. for even people just casual fans, it is still fun to watch. you see a lot of athletic pyrotechnics. but they are both also canny strategists. so it becomes an incredible chess game with them both sending out their minions in all directions and it's fun to see that unfold throughout the night. so far tom brady has 9-4 advantage on peyton manning in these match-ups. and manning is the first one to tell you just how good brady is. take a listen. >> i think it is pretty well documented, my respect for tom, as a quarterback. the way he prepares. just the way he's better kind of each season than he was the year before. >> he is a
of massachusetts a distant second. one thing, though. the next race for the white house really doesn't start kicking into gear for another year so this early date these polls are partially a reflection of name recognition. miguel? >> thanks, paul, for making sense of it all. one thing that could affect those poll numbers is how americans respond to the president's health care program. we are just under 11 hours before the deadline kicks in for health to be up and running smoothly for the vast majority of users. cnn's tory dunnen reports ha lot is at stake and the clock is ticking. >> reporter: it's been a frenzied race to fix health and today, november 30th is the day when president obama promised the web site would be running smoothly for the vast majority of users. >> by the end of this month, we anticipate that it is going to be working the way it is supposed to, all right? >> reporter: it's been two months since the botched rollout on october 1st. sparking a firestorm in congress and forcing the administration to set a self-imposed deadline. >> the assessment that we ha
is distributed as part of massachusetts opioid prevention program. >> it was targeted for high-risk injection drug users. we soon started learning about parents going to needle exchanges. >> today, they distribute the product to addicts, first responders, and learn to cope, a support group for parents of addicts. linda has been going to learn to cope meetings for the past nine years. >> nasal narcan, the overdose reversal drug is available at every meeting. if you're in this room, you should have narcan. >> they have distributed hundreds of kits to its members who have managed to reverse at least nine overdoses. >> tinging of the lips, fingernails, anything like that, also. if you -- >> it's ready to administer, and it will go up one nostril. >> you must, must, must have narcan if you have an addict. you must. absolutely. because the whole trick of it is to keep them alive until they finally get it. >> sanjay gupta reporting there. how about that? >>> coming up, some counties in colorado not really liking the new liberal initiatives in the state government, so they're thinking they might want
would have in the early united states, return to salem, massachusetts, for that trial. but what this will show is that the supreme court said this test on this knife will be decisive. and now it is decisive. the victim wasn't involved in that knife. so if they are honest, if they are straightforward, they will dismiss the case. if it continues after this, it has nothing to do any more, if it ever did, with evidence. >> and steve, while i have you, thank you for that on the amanda knox case. >> sure. >> yesterday, l.a.x., the shooting taking place. from your standpoint, how will the fbi proceed on this? given your -- you're a retired fbi employee. >> given that the case is already well down the line, you have the suspect. you know what his motivations were. you have him in his own handwriting. this is going to be now -- >> you're saying you know his motivation, meaning he was -- >> he was after tsa agents. >> -- because of this information or this text information, this rant of anti-tsa, federal government. you believe the motivation, indeed, he was angry at federal government, a
. massachusetts, neighboring new hampshire has blue laws that prevent stores from opening on thanksgiving. new hampshire does not. but i understand you're going to try to change that. >> yes. so my hope for this, now that i got the media's attention, i want everyone that believes i'm doing the right thing to stand up and sign my petition on it's listed as retailers to be closed on thanksgiving. and allow the lawmakers to know that we're serious about this issue. they need to set precedent in the united states of america to say this is unacceptable, stores will be closed on thanksgiving day. so people can enjoy time with their families. >> good for you, holly cassiano, making a stand for the holiday and staying home. thanks for joining us by skype. cnn has reached out to sears for a statement but has not heard back yet. they did tell our affiliate whdh, however, we have encouraged all of our dealers and franchises to be open thanksgiving evening because we believe that is what many consumers want. >>> one thing that would make the white house thankful is a meeting, a self-imposed de
will determine their punishment. >>> in massachusetts a swimmer was safely plucked from the ocean after treading water for about an hour. the person was not wearing a wet suit or other protection from the 52-degree water. >>> a modern day bonnie and clyde team has been arrested after a year-long spree of bank robberies in florida and alabama. the husband and wife team are suspected of stealing more than $50,000 and more than a dozen stick-ups. the couple has been under surveillance by the fbi. >>> a state of national calamity, that's the declaration made by the president of the philippines, after a super typhoon slammed into the nation, killing at least 942 people, and wiping out hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and more. relief efforts now under way as several groups including the u.s. marines local military and the united nations race to get food and water to shell-shocked residents. cnn's andrew stevens is in the city that took the brunt of the storm, tacloban. he joins us now. good morning, andrew. >> reporter: good morning, carol. yes i'm back at the airport. we got into this airp
. meanwhile, officials say hold on just a second. keep in mind the experience up in massachusetts. that is where the prototype for obama care was created by mitt romney. they say expect the same experience they had up in massachusetts. things will ramp up slowly, carol. >> jim acosta, reporting live from the white house this morning. >>> opening bell just rang on wall street. christine romans is in new york. so, christine, yesterday, posted a record high. >> that's right. >> smiling as big today. >> 35 records, carol, so a little bit of a pause wouldn't be that surprising. futures were lower headed into that bell ringing, 2:10 ago. when you put it in context, carol, each one of these days is so important to put into context what's happening in the market. the dow is up some 20% this year. that is an amazing run. now, the dow is 30 stocks. what about the nasdaq, a tech-heavy index? it has a lot of other things in there, too. s&p 500, carol, that's more like what the stock part of your 401(k) probably looks like. it's up 24%. it's been a very good run and now word this morning is, a
, in massachusetts it's required that every day care center have one teacher for every three infants so it's more expensive compared to mississippi that requires one teacher for every five infants. if you want to look at specifically how much day care is in your state, check out cnn money for more info. but it's stunning when you see these figures. >> alison kosik, thanks so much. >>> still to come, clinton, christie, and all the presidential want to bes in between. why some are predicting who could win an election that's three years away. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. kids make stains i use tide boost to super charge our detergent. boom. clothes look amazing, and daddy's a hero. daddy, can we play ponies? right after we do foldies.
young people enroll. we knew from the massachusetts speerjs, many young people enrolled in the latter part of the enrollment period. the important part here is to cut through the right-wing twerking we're hearing ben espouse, his rhetoric, and look at the fact. >> i don't know if ben does twerking, but that's a whole other segment. >> it's called right-wing twerking. the hypocrisy of the right wing is really what is so galling when 14,000 sit whereins a month were losing their health insurance between 2008 and 2009, you didn't see the right wing complaining about it, or when 10% of employees lost their insurance, the right wing wasn't speaking up. >> ben -- wait, ben, to play off that, did the republican party then hurt itself, particularly the tea party, by forcing the government shutdown over obama care? because in the end, you didn't get anything on obama care, and would it have been better if you tried to negotiate a delay rather than defund it? >> well, at the beginning, we said we don't want to have it. then the white house and the senate said, no, so we said, let's is saone-yea
up and running. but we know from the implementation in massachusetts that health care reform pace of enrollment is expected to increase in the next five months. that was their experience. of course, if you combine that with access to the website, that improves millions of americans will gain access to quality, affordable health care. tomorrow, the house republicans once again plan to cast their 46th vote to repeal or undermine the affordable care act and to put insurance companies back in charge of america's health care. this republican initiative would undermine health care reform laws, causing premiums in the marketplace to spike, according to the center for budget and policy priorities. the upton bill is opposed by a broad coalition of groups, american heart association, american diabetes association, american cancer society, action network, national partnership for women and families, paralyzed veterans of america, to name a few. as budget negotiations continue this week -- when i say continue, sporadically, it appears. i wish we could see a lot more activity on the part of th
with more on the wreath laying sceremony. with me now from arlington, massachusetts, another american who answered kennedy's call, david gergen, adviser to four previous presidents. nice to see you today. let's just begin with those images we just played here on cnn. what are your thoughts as we witness that moment at arlington? >> well, in many ways, you know, when kennedy was inaugurated, he said it was the passing of the torch. and i think today, we saw the passing of the torch to a new generation. and it was a generation that is very closely tied to president kennedy. of course, president obama was born during the kennedy presidential years. but bill clinton was especially close to him. he met him at boyce state. a fantastic picture of kennedy reaching out and touching the fingers of bill clinton. like god touching moses from clinton's point of view. that was a very inspiring moment for bill clinton. he modeled most of his life and answered the call of the president, and when he came president, larry sab atoe has published a book on the kennedy presidency and how it influenced previou
? we decided it's a pretty good fit. the play ran earlier this year in massachusetts to rave reviews. >>> this thanksgiving day, a florida mom sentenced to 20 years in prison is at home with her family. marissa alexander is out on $150,000 bond as she awaits a new trial. her case drew more attention after george zimmerman was acquitted because unlike zimmerman, she was sent to prison after claiming she was standing her ground, defending herself when she fired at her allegedly abusive husband. this was back in 2010. a jury convicted her of aggravated assault, but an appeals court ruled the judge gave the jurors the wrong instructions. her new trial is set for march. >> i want you to listen to this one because this kansas college student is proving how good a guy he is after he made this awesome shot. >> you never know when those half-court shots. they have to be almost perfect. >> swish, so this is cameron ryan. he won $20,000 when he hit the half-court shot. this is at an oklahoma city thunder game earlier this month. by the way, talk about odds. i don't know what's going on in oklah
your eye on massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, she could be the spoiler in the next cycle. the howard dean, barack obama, who was the spoiler who ended up being the president, and then two governors, governor cuomo, andrew cuomo, and then martin omaily, the governor of maryland, who a lot of people say keep your eye on martin o'malley. what if hillary clinton does not run? she decides i have given it my shot, i'm not going to do it again. joe biden then vaults to the front. he doesn't have the same commanding lead hillary clinton does when she's in the running, but joe biden way out in front of elizabeth warren. that's when democrats would have to start wringing their hands. frankly, kwver cuomo in new york, he's showing a fairly strong position here in this minus hillary field. all of those numbers should make joe biden nervous if he's the one who is really the front runner in the sfbmeestablishmenk in 2013. >> i want to be clear that is not chris cuomo on that list. >> his numbers would be way up. >> i hear you. i would sloet fvote for him. but he lost out to that good l
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